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Rose Roselle Fruit Tea
Rose Roselle Fruit Tea Rose Roselle Fruit Tea Rose Roselle Fruit Tea
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Rose Roselle Fruit Tea

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Roselle has a high nutritional value, it helps reducing wrinkles, prevent from oxidation and inflammation. It contains various organic acid, vitamin c, minerals and hibiscus acid. Roselle’s nutritious benefits make it the most popular herbal fruit tea in recent years. However, not everyone is a fan of the acidity of Roselle. To cater with general preferences and introduce the advantages of herbal tea to a wider crowd, Les Roses made the tea with roses and diced fruits, not only gave the tea more enchanting colours, but neutralized the sourness from Roselle - our Rose Roselle Fruit Tea tastes just beautifully as it looks and smells.

Roses bring a balance to the sourness from Roselle, and apple and grapes bring sweetness to this sourish tea. If you are not fond of sour flavours, we recommend you to make your tea cold-brewed or add some honey.

Rosebuds, Roselle, Dried apple, Raisins, Orange peel, Flavoring


5~7 grams of tea per 250g of hot water (90~98°C), steep the tea from 8~10 minutes.

24 months

Keep it in a cool and dry place